Pargo brings a new and convenient way of delivering parcels to South Africans. While courier services have been the only option for customers shopping online, Pargo has a network of pickup points located in popular stores across the country allowing customers to order their shopping online and choose to pick it up from a Pargo point in a store closest to their office or home, and when it suits them best. 


Consider using the Pargo shipping option if the following applies to you:
  1. You're located in a hard-to-reach or difficult-to-find location and struggle with couriers finding you
  2. You're not generally home during the day and usually miss courier deliveries
  3. You're out of town and would still like to place your order online today and have your parcel waiting for you to collect when you get back
  4. You live in a remote location and would prefer to collect your order when you come to town for other errands


  1. Once you're ready to order, proceed to checkout and make sure you've added your correct home address and contact details (email address and cellphone number) - your home address is used to determine the Pargo Pickup Points closest to you
  2. Select the 'Pargo Pickup Point' you prefer from the list of three options presented. Should these locations not be ideal, then you can choose the last Pargo Pickup Point option which will allow you to choose your own location after you're placed your order
    Pargo Pickup Point Shipping Options
  3. Proceed to the next step and complete your order
  4. You'll be notified via email and SMS when your parcel is ready for collection at your chosen Pargo Pickup Point
  5. Collect your parcel within 8 days of receiving your notification, otherwise your parcel will be returned to us and we'll have to send it again