How to determine your shoe size

We would love to send you the correct shoe size the first time, so we would appreciate if you could measure your feed accurately to determine your 'Bummel size'. Please note that Bummel shoes are generally made for wider feet, if you have a very narrow foot then you will feel that your foot is fairly loose in our shoes. Adding a footbed generally fills that extra space.

1. Stand upright with your weight evenly distributed across both your feet, with one foot on a piece of paper. 

2. Have someone (or yourself if supple enough) mark the spot where your heel touches the paper; not the wide back curve of your heel but rather where the skin of your heel touches the paper (see picture below).

3. Mark the longest toe looking straight down from above; note that your big toe is not always your longest toe.

Bummel Shoes Size Guide - Foot Length

4. Draw two parallel lines (shown in red) and measure the distance between them.

5. Check the size chart below to determine your size for the style you have chosen. Know that different styles have different lengths. Your foot length will correspond with a specific 'Bummel size' which you can use when ordering. 


Size Chart

Bummel Shoes Size Guide