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Carmién Red Mocha Rooibos Tea

Carmién Tea

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Carmién Red Mocha is a delicious blend of rooibos, coffee bean nibs, vanilla and chocolate. Ideal healthy option for the coffee lover. Soothing mocha flavour perfectly balances with vanilla’s sweetness but is sugar free.

Carmién flavoured teas gives you the option of enjoying the natural goodness of rooibos in a variety of delicious flavours.  Rooibos is naturally high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and soothing on the nervous system.

Tip: Mix with milk and ice for a refreshing alternative to iced coffee.

Directions:  Place 3 teabags in a teapot with 800 ml boiling water (for a single 250ml serving use 1 tea bag). Steep 5-10min. Allow tea to cool. For optimal results, preferably consume without milk, sugar or honey. Best enjoyed at  60°C.

Ingredients:   Rooibos, Coffee beans, Vanilla & Chocolate flavour

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