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Gracious Bakers Banting Choc-Chip Biscuits 180g

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These guilt-free banting choc-chip biscuits are handmade from freshly milled nut flour, desiccated coconut, real butter, chocolate chips and have a crispy nutty flavour.

  • low carb (banting, keto and paleo friendly)
  • gluten free (suitable for IBS / Celiac & Gluten intolerant
  • sugar free (suitable for diabetics) & suitable for vegans
  • also available in other variants

Ingredients:  Dark Chocolate 5%, Desiccated Coconut Butter, Macadamia Nut Flour, Coconut Cream, Butter, Erythritol, Whey Powder, Coconut Flour, Eggs, Baking Powder,  Vanilla, Salt & Stevia

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