Harck & Heart Easter Gingerbread Biscuit Gift Pack

Harck & Heart Gingerbread

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Harck & Heart Easter Gingerbread Biscuit Gift Pack (220g). An assortment of Easter themed biscuits, decorated with white icing. Each packet includes two colour decorated biscuits ( a carrot and an easter nest with speckled eggs). Packet is finished with green ribbon and tag.  Limited edition sold over Easter only.

Traditionally gingerbread biscuits are known as Lebkuchen, softer in texture and generously spiced making it moreishly delicious. The Harck & Heart recipe is a secret family recipe, handed down through the generations. Locally made the old fashioned way handmade, hand cut, individually crafted and decorated & beautifully packaged.

Ingredients: Free-range Eggs & Real Butter (no preservatives).

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