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Ma Mère Rose Flavoured Turkish Delight 225g

Ma Mère Confections

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Ma Mère Confections Rose Flavoured Turkish Delights (225g).  This handmade elegantly, subtle  flavoured Turkish delight is a serious crowd pleaser among Turkish Delight lovers. It comes beautifully packaged in a pale pink, feminine box ideal for gifting your loved ones (or yourself!).  Halaal certified.


Each box contains approximately 12 blocks of Turkish Delight. Please note, the Turkish Delight is hand cut and packed according to weight so this is just an average.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, corn flour, gelatin, icing sugar, lemon juice, glucose, flavouring, colouring.  Dusting:  corn flour, icing sugar

Allergens: none

Warning:  This product is made in a factory that uses tree nuts.

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