MayBru 'MayBru' Mustard Mens Washed Cap clothing & accessories MayBru

MayBru 'MayBru' Mustard Mens Washed Cap

MayBru Apparel

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Maybru is an apparel and accessory brand that reflects South African culture. When they say Seriously South African, that's exactly what they mean! All caps are manufactured with local materials in Cape Town!

  • Self-fabric buckle enclosure to accommodate adjustability
  • Curved peak

Also available in: burgundy, charcoal, navy and olive

May Bru (Mey Broo, idiom Afrikaans) means My brother, friend, mate, china or buddy in South Africa.  This is about the brotherhood of being a bosom buddy.  Durban mullets say "cuz" from cousin.  But anywhere else you're my "brah", "brahdeen", "boet" or "bro".  The Afrikaans word "broer" means borther.  Pronounced "broor" with a roll of both the "R" sounds.  Lazy English ous don't roll though.  They just tune "bru" .  Variations come from kiff dialects all over the country.  In the Eastern Cape you get "brorr", "bree, "bra" (like the underwear), "brah" & "braaaah" with a drawn out vowel.  Either way you are May Bru!

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