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Ouma Swesie Black Garlic (50g) is made by fermenting fresh garlic for a period of time, through this process the garlic cloves turn dark and they develop a deliciously sweet balsamic and molasses taste with no odour. Great as a snack or used in pastas, meat dishes, stews, sauces or with steak or salads.

No preservatives added.

  • Garlic has been shown to have positive effects on over 150 different diseases because of its powerful natural phytochemicals
  • Garlic reduces inflammation, boosts immune function, is toxic to 14 types of cancer & boosts cardiovascular health
  • One of garlic’s compounds is allicin, a sulfur-rich compound & powerful weapon against bacteria, viruses, fungi & parasites
  • Black garlic contains twice the antioxidant punch of fresh garlic due to an extensive aging or curing process
  • Sprouted garlic exhibits more antioxidant capacity than fresh garlic

Customer Reviews

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Black Garlic

Black Garlic... I love it!!!

The best

I'm not unused to black garlic and black garlic products, and wasn't sure about this new brand but ordered a tub since I couldn't get my usual product - whoever and however they make this I don't know but it's delicious and the best black garlic I've ever tasted. I hope you're keeping stock because I'll be ordering regularly

Andrew Scott
Keep the flavour, lose the side effects

I don't like the smell of garlic, and the "breath" even less. So I hadn't cooked with it, and kept feeing I was missing something. Then I saw a reference to black garlic, that claimed it eliminated my dislikes but retained the flavour and health benefits. So I tried it. I can't gaurantee the health benefits, but for the rest it definitely lives up to the claim. Tasted on its own it doesn't seem to have a strong flavour, but used in cooking it takes just a little to flavour the result. And I can barely detect the garlic smell during cooking.

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