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Handmade crystal shaped glycerine soap with Lemongrass essential oil, Colloidal Silver and including a Clear Quartz gemstone.  This stone is used for its believed healing purposes, meditation, expansion of consciousness, attracting love and/or prosperity. Lemongrass essential oil is extracted from the leaves and stalks of the lemongrass plant and has a powerful, citrus scent

Glycerine soaps are one of the most indulgent and moisturising soaps available. Their unique properties allow them to be effective on all types of skin, including sensitive or hypoallergenic skin. These soaps are made from 100% natural vegetable glycerine and contains a neutral pH which will continue to moisturise throughout the day. When you’ve used the whole soap bar, you’ll be left with a gift of a beautiful gemstone. 

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Rona Cash
Clear quartz soap

Sadly I ordered this clear one but never received it. It was my favourite one. I was sent something else. (A yellow one) The others are stunning though. Still want it. I love them. They smell great and look absolutely beautiful. Will order more for sure.

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