Simply Bee Solid Perfumes 30ml


Title: Freedom
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Simply Bee 30 ml solid perfumes in three fragrances Freedom,  Pure & Aware. A beautiful fragrance in solid state, carefully crafted from the very best beeswax, honey, Propolis and essential oils. Every perfume is handmade and unique. 

Freedom awakens our passions. Allowing us to become in touch with our feelings and letting them flow through our creativity. Reminding us to take full responsibility to live in the moment and just be. 

Pure leads to a strong and profound transformation that is rooted in integrity. This simply allows us to be all that we truly are. This inner peace and tranquility makes us highly intuitive. Simple and pure.

Awareness encourages growth. This change energizes and enlightens us, making us feel alive. This enables us to speak our truth driving us to evolve even more. 

A well-made natural perfume strikes the perfect balance between top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Those who are unfamiliar with 100 percent natural perfumes will be amazed at the complex “story” each perfume relates. The top notes are the first ones to “speak,” and are usually most exuberant. When the top notes have calmed down a bit, the heart notes kick in to continue telling the bulk of the story. The base notes are heard from last, but once they are noticed, the realization hits that they have been there all along. The base notes are the workhorses of the perfume and are responsible for its overall character and staying power. Solid perfumes are to be applied to pulse prints and, unlike their spray counterparts, are intended for a discreet audience.

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