The Benefits of Black Garlic

Most people are lovers of fresh garlic, it's strong smell and taste goes well with many foods, but have you heard of black garlic?

Black garlic is fresh raw garlic which has undergone a fermentation process over a set period of time. During this process the garlic turns black and develops a rich balsamic, molasses taste and chewy liqourice texture. Most of the typical pungent garlic smell disappears too leaving it almost odour free.

The Process

The garlic bulbs are kept in a humidity-controlled environment at temperatures in the range of 60-90 degrees Celsius for between 15 and 90 days (typically 85% humidity at 70 degrees over around 45 days). The garlic is never burnt and no additives or preservatives are used in the process.


You might think that black garlic is a recent fad, but it's been around for centuries, with origins in Asia. Black garlic is delicious on its own, on bread or in soups, sauces and dishes. Unlike fresh garlic, black garlic has a very subtle and muted flavour so more of it is needed to increase flavour. There is no lingering garlic smell that is typical with fresh garlic.

Health Benefits

One reason for black garlic's sudden increase in popularity is its antioxidant properties and concentration of nutrients and other beneficial compounds. Black garlic is generally known to regulate blood sugar levels and combined with the higher antioxidant levels it helps prevent diabetes and kidney disfunction. Fresh garlic is also known for its positive effect on the heart, black garlic has the same protective effects and can also help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Many studies have also shown that the antioxidant properties of black garlic can also help in the fight against cancer and improve overall brain health by reducing inflammation in the body which also boosts the immune system.

For maximum effect, eat two or three cloves in the morning. Shop our range of black garlic products.