Bobums South African Microfibre Towels

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Style: SA vibes
Size: XL - 100 x 160 cm
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This collection of South African flag, life and protea printed microfibre towels is great for the beach, pool or anywhere really - innovative and lightweight, easy to carry, super absorbent and quick drying. Available in many other styles and colours and comes in a soft waterproof bag.

  • Machine washable - does not tear and resistant to repeated washing
  • Quick drying - microfibre dries very quickly after use
  • Absorption - very effective in drying the body due to its high absorption properties
  • Elastic for easy folding and hanging up
  • Includes waterproof bag
  • Available in Large 80 x 130 cm & Extra Large 100 x 160 cm sizes

Composition: main fabric 88% polyester / 12% poly-amide

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