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Floor pebble, ottoman, pouffe - call them what you like, they make a great addition to any home. With our own range we've set out to solve some of the problems inherent in the way they are traditionally made, making them more versatile and functional.

  • Polystyrene inner for stiffness and handling - where they are traditionally made with offcut fabric inners making them very heavy and prone to stretching and warping, in our range we've used polystyrene to make them extra stiff and extremely light - our floor pebble only weighs around 2kg.
  • Can be used outside - the absence of a fabric inner stops them from becoming water-logged when wet in the rain, they dry out in a few hours and because they are so light they can even be tumble dried (cool setting).
  • Quality tarn, 100% cotton - we use only the highest quality t-shirt yarn ensuring colour consistency and extended wear.

Size: approx 500mm (w) x 250mm (h) - since this product is handmade size can vary slightly

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Kimmel
Gorgeous Floor Pebble

The colour and quality of this floor pebble is gorgeous! Love it and would highly recommend this product for any lounge or bedroom. It comes in a variety of colours. Don't expect immediate delivery as each product is hand-crafted but service and communication is great and this is worth the wait!

Grace Sebastian

Love it! Nice colour and good design

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